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        Musil tradition 

        We have a lively music program at St. Paul’s! Bells, choirs and talented folks!

        worship services

        Sunday morning services are streamed live and past services are viewable.


        There’s always something happening. Check to see what is going on!

        our minister

        Introduction to St. Paul’s minister Reverend Gord Waldie.

        St. Paul’s United Church

        10206 100 Avenue
        Grande Prairie, Alberta
        T8V 0V6

        Office Hours
        9 am – 3 pm (closed 12-1 for lunch)
        Monday to Friday
        Worship in person or 
        online Sunday at 10am!

        Acknowledgement Of Treaty

        In the beginning the Creator shaped this land. The hills were sculpted, the river valleys dug deep, life sprang out of the soil. Then people me. We honour and thank those who were here before us: the Beaver, the Cree, the Métis. Then those who me here from across the sea made agreements to share the land and now we live together as Treaty partners.  

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